18 Reasons to Go to Malta

posted 25 Sep 2014, 10:21 by Mehdi Asili   [ updated 25 Sep 2014, 10:21 ]

1. People speak English!

While it may be tricky to get to grips with Maltese, Malta's national language, the co-official language of the country is English. Phew! You can leave that phrasebook at home.
Maltamalta feature.png

2. This Blue Lagoon will take your breath away

A day on the small island of Comino is a must if you're in Malta. Just a quick ferry away lies the wonderful Blue Lagoon. The lagoon hosts some of the clearest water you'll ever see and it's fantastic for swimming!


4. There's also the Azure Window

The Azure Window is a limestone arch on the Maltese island of Gozo, also just a quick ferry ride away. Game of Thrones fans might remember the Dothraki wedding camp scene? That was filmed right here!

5. Isle of MTV Malta

Isle of MTV Malta is a FREE concert in Il Fosos square in Malta on the 25th of June 2014. The line-up last year was insane with Afro Jack, Jessie J, Rita Ora and Rudimental.

6. Amazing diving sites

The Maltese Islands' clear blue Mediterranean sea makes it a scuba diver's Valhalla and it's been voted as the 2nd best diving destination in the world ! There are an abundance of reefs and caves that make diving here a truly unique adventure. 

7. There are sunken WWII ships along the coastline

For diving pros there are a number of purposely sunk wrecks dating back 10 years, plus several spooky historic shipwrecks and aircrafts at both recreational and technical depths. 

8. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix too

Nothing gets the heart pumping like steep cliffs and staggering heights. There are excellent climbing routes in Malta no matter what climbing level you're at. 

9. Getting around in Malta is easy and cheap!

Malta isn't a HUGE place, which means travelling around is pretty hassle-free. The public bus service on Malta and Gozo is a simple way to get around. You'll find the buses go to all the major tourist areas and they're cheap. 

10. Malta Music Week

We already mentioned the Isle of MTV but there's more. Malta takes clubbing very seriously and Malta Music Week offers an open air extravaganza featuring amazing club nights and parties. Previous nights have been hosted by Creamfields and the Ministry of Sound! You'll dance the night away to exclusive headliners from all over the world.

11. Malta is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites

History buffs will appreciate that the City of Valletta (Malta's capital) is one of the most concentrated areas of historic interest in the world with over 320 monuments. There's also the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an enormous subterranean structure from c. 2500 B.C.

12. Culture vultures will have a field day!

The Maltese Islands have been described as one big open-air museum. The opportunities for taking in history and culture are endless!

13. All you need is some sturdy shoes

Malta is a walker's paradise. You will be amazed at the stunning landscape you'll encounter en route and if you need to cool down - just jump into some of that clear blue water we've been raving about.

14. Awesome nightlife

Aside from Malta Music Week, the Maltese nightlife is one that can rival Europe's better known clubbing destinations like Ibiza (but it won't cost you a fortune!). Have a drink and chill out at Level 22 where you'll find some stunning panoramic views, or get your salsa on at Fuego. If you're feeling lucky try the Dragonara Casino.

15. Cheap flights

Getting to Malta is not expensive at all, especially if you book your tickets quick. Around the time this article goes live you can get to Luqa for under £60!

16. For a tempo and scene change, hop to the sister islands of Gozo and Comino

As we've already mentioned there are some amazing sites to be explored on Malta's sister islands and getting there couldn't be simpler. It only takes 25 minutes by ferry to cross from Malta to the island of Gozo - you basically get a holiday within a holiday. 

17. The weather is amazing!

The average temperature for weather across the whole year is a lovely 18 °C and from June to September temperatures can go up to 30 °C. On average there's 300 days of sunshine. Bliss!

18. You will come back looking beautifully tanned!

You don't need to spend a fortune on tickets to Thailand to come back with a long-lasting summer glow. Malta is where it's at. You've got history, culture, an amazing nightlife and beautiful beaches. Your suntan will be the envy of everyone who stayed at home!