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About Us

What We Stands For:

> Expertise Through a Long History of Quality Service
Variety of Services and Regions to Satisfy All Needs
Tailor-Made Services
All Clients Are Highly Valued Regardless of their Case
Dedicated Staff to Ensure Your Success
Satisfaction & Friendship Through Trust

With Over a Decade Experience in Providing Quality Service & 
Actively Promoting:

> Knowledge
> Independence
> Respect & Integrity
> Vision & Wisdom
> Prosperity

Thank you for visiting our website. We have done our best to make sure all the information are easily accessible and all the details are clear.  Its our honour and privilege to have served Thousands of Clients over the past Fourteen Years and to have been able to create a strong and loyal customer base.  

Our main goal is the satisfaction of both parents and students and to constantly improve our level of services to an exceptional level offering a bespoke and unforgettable experience to them all. Please read on to get a glimpse of what we are about and familiarize yourself with our business model.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices and talk to members of our professional staff who are happy to provide you with free information, which carries no obligation. 

Our contact details can be found on the "Contact Us" page. You can also fill out an Enquiry Form and get the answers you are looking either by email or by a call back service.

We also have a Facebook Page where you can join us and get the latest updates while socializing online.

Thank You For Choosing Newton College Group

Our History:

Newton College Group (NCG) started its operations in August 1999 and has managed to become a renowned organization particularly in the student recruitment sector.  The Organisation  first started the business by recruiting students from the Middle East for a chain of colleges called David Game Group where he did his college studies during his own education.  NCG later expanded its portfolio to over 200 institutions across the world exploring every possibility and every region, in line with the business.

Between 2004 and 2006 the management operated an educational establishment in Central London and the Organisation gaining extensive amount of practical experience in providing educational services.

In 2005 a sister company called Paradise OREB was established in Dubai penetrating further into emerging markets and facilitating Arab clients in many fields not explored before by NCG.  Presence in the United Arab Emirates gave the company a strong competitive advantage among other similar competitors creating a comfortable and reliable platform even for clients from other parts of the Middle East.

Dr. Cyrus King, Chairman & co-director of Newton College Group, joined the organisation in May 2007 and has contributed a great deal to the company’s success over the past few years.  His legal expertise has enabled the organisation to expand its field of operations to a more technical dimension taking advantage of his law background.  Since then NCG has taken on and solved hundreds of challenging legal cases in line with its educational and immigration operations.

Newton College Group has hosted many events throughout the past eleven years such as conferences, introductory seminars, educational workshops, appearances at global exhibitions, and entertaining events. Some of these events are documented in this website at the Photo Gallery link.

Newton College Group is in the process of obtaining recognition from British Council, English UK, and Quality English. The staff have attended the British Embassy and New Zealand Embassy training seminars and are highly qualified in providing visa services at the designated offices.

Our core competencies and day-to-day practices:

-         Providing a very personal service to clients

-         High technical knowledge in order to tackle very hard cases

-         The ability to surpass company’s obligations in benefit of the clients

-         Having highly motivated and experienced staff at the clients’ disposal

-         Having a large and strong customer base with almost %100 positive feedback

-         Having numerous business partners with a wide range of facilities and services

-         The constant thirst for knowledge and innovative solutions to common problems

-         Taking advantage of network marketing and giving every individual an opportunity to work in this field and generate an income

Our Mission Statement:

Newton College Group's vision is to become one of the world's major student recruitment and immigration consultancy firms, by ways of the latest marketing techniques such as network marketing and by penetrating into new market places. 

Our mission is to be socially and financially sustainable leading to a greener future for everyone. 

It is the organisation's objective to constantly increase the quality of its services and to find plausible solutions to individual's needs before they even exist.  Being good is never enough and not the end but merely the beginning.  

Every client deserves to experience an effective and bespoke personal service at a perfect value.  Satisfied Clients Become Loyal Customers...

Dr. Cyrus KING (Chairman)                            

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