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Our primary expertise is education counselling and advice, we try to provide students with accurate information and industry forecast enabling them to make the right choice for their future education and career. 

The range of our services are summarized below:
    • Educational Counselling and Advice
    • Help With Course & Career selection (depending on the individual's circumstances)
    • Advice on Choice of the Educational Establishment
    • Advice on Needed Documentation and Application Completion
    • Complete Enrollment Services and Registration
    • Full Visa Services
    • Relevant Arrangements
There is always a social aspect to every student's life besides the basic needs and uncertainties which is natural for every international student arriving into a new country. 

We at Newton College Group make sure every student feels right at home. We take pride in serving our students and feel passionate in serving them once they have no where else to turn to. This is why they feel as if we are all one big family; the NCG family.

Every student who books their airport transfer through us gets a SIM on arrival with enough credit for them to call their family back home to let them know they have arrived safely. We truly believe that "first expressions last" and go to extreme lengths to make sure they feel relaxed and calm from the beginning.

Due to our effective presence in the UK, we offer most of our extra services only with in the UK and some only in London. Please get in touch for details.

The type of services available are:
    • Student Welfare Advice and Guidance
    • Airport Pick up
    • Information Sourcing 
    • Help With Account Opening
    • Help With Police Registration
    • Help With GP Registration
    • Visa advice
    • Legal Advice
    • Student Housing
    • Transportation Arrangements
    • Social and Seasonal Events
    • and many more
For enquiries please visit the CONTACT US page.

Over the years we have adopted ourselves to our clients' needs, one of those needs is the immigration services which either follows after their education or as their primary intention.

Since UK is where our head office is based it has always been our primary destination and a major base for our operations. We have specialized ourselves on the UK immigration and have helped numerous clients over the years.

We also can provide Immigration services for Canada and Australia through partner companies, please contact us for details.

The UK immigration categories which we normally deal with are:
    • TIER 1 Investor Category
    • TIER 1 Entrepreneur Category
For enquiries please visit the CONTACT US page.

As part of our day to day routine, we come about many applicants who need our services for their normal travel arrangements and other visa matters for business, medical treatments, family visits, etc.

Many prefer us to help them with their visa applications than to take the chance of applying by their own. We make sure all applicants submit a complete and acceptable visa application to their chosen embassy minimizing the chances of visa refusals.

The countries we can help are:
    • Schengen Countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Norway, The Netherlands)
    • UK
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
For enquiries please visit the CONTACT US page.

Accommodation services are crucial for students who arrive at the destination country. We have different ways to make accommodation arrangements. In the UK we work with "Unite Student Accommodations" which is the largest student accommodation providers in the UK. 

In the UK we also have flat shares available which is also a very affordable solution to student housing. Mr. James Herbertson form London Nest is in charge of such arrangements.

Outside UK we normally arrange students' accommodation through the institutions they are going to.

For enquiries please visit the CONTACT US page.