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Newton College Group offers comprehensive Student Accommodation Services and can also assist Professionals and International Visitors in obtaining suitable accommodation. We place Hundreds of students every year and are proud to have been selected by LIBT/Brunel University to provide off-campus accommodation services to their students.

"We will also arrange FREE Airport Transfer for students who use our services"(1)

NCG only uses professional and dedicated Student Housing Providers who are highly recognised and have purpose built facilities. Such are among the largest student housing providers in Britain.

January 2014 Student Accommodation Availabilities are:

North End
Shepherds Bush
To Confirm Your Booking:

(a) Choose Which Accommodation Option You are Interested in
(b) Fill Out the Below Online Application
(c) Make Your Full Rental Fee Payment to the Designated Bank Account

NOTE: You Can Download The Bank Details From Below This Page
NOTE: The exact amount you need to pay are listed within the application form

Jan 2014 Accommodation Booking Form

Please Contact Us at either of our offices for details.

Thank you for choosing Newton College Group as your consultant...

(1) Free Airport transfer would be arranged only for those flying into London Heathrow. Student need to go directly to their booked accommodation and they are liable to pay for any delays or additional stops. We can however, arrange Airport Transfers from other Airports at discounted rates.
Mehdi Asili,
4 Dec 2013, 10:07