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Newton College Group offers Immigration Services only for the UK and has joint venture immigration partners for Immigration Canada and Australia which can be provided to certain nationalities only. Please Contact Us for details.

>Immigration Services:
For individuals requiring other types of UK visas, including all types of settlement visa categories, we can help with the application processes and documentation advice. i.e. investors, tourists and family visitors can take advantage of our services for the UK.

In regards to Immigration purposes; we can help with all types of investment and Entrepreneur visas leading to settlement in the UK. Through our long history with the UK and by taking advantage of local professional links with law firms in London, it possible for us to serve clients from all nationalities.

Please Contact Us for details.

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General Information About the UK:

England is where the most famous apple in the world fell on Newton's head and turned our world around, laying the foundation and cornerstone for man to do the impossible, and explore the outer space and beyond.

  • Official Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Land Area: 244.820 km²
  • Political System: Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
  • Capital: London
  • Population Size: 61 million inhabitants
  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • Languages: English as well as regional languages Scots, Welsh, Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Cornish
  • Religion: Christianity (70%), Islam (3%), Hinduism (1%)

Setting up a Business in the UK

UK is recognized as the most attractive country for foreign investment and its legislations are not only one of the friendliest but also its TAX regime is one of the most generous in the world.

Please visit the below link to get all the relevant information regarding investment in the UK and its advantages:        


Why the UK?

UKTI Summit 2010 by Business Secretary

UKTI Summit 2010 by Director of Investment