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Other Services

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Newton College Group also offers the following services:
  • Student Local Services
  • Business Services, Virtual office and Company Registration
  • Stock Market Trading Account Opening; TAX FREE

>> Student Services:
We also have a dedicated service to local international students. These services include:
  1. Visa Extension Services
  2. Change of University or College arrangements
  3. Advice and Guidance on Choosing one's Future course of Study and Career
  4. Documentation Advice; such as SOP writing etc.
  5. Student Accommodation Services
  6. Education Progression Advice and Guidance
  7. Future Planning Guidance
The above service are normally offered in the UK only. But any guidance and advice can be offered globally.

>> Business Services (Virtual Offices and Company Registration):
For individuals who wish to have an office virtually set up for them and also have a professional team to answer their calls. We have the perfect option for them. This enables even companies from abroad to have a UK based office with a UK Telephone line dedicated to their company being answered by a British professional team. Calls can be forwarded to any number in the world and can also be put through a voice mail.

This service would also be suitable for foreign companies which might want a base in the UK apart from their existing facilities else where.

We are affiliated with one of biggest providers in the world; they have 750 locations across the world and many of their bases are here in the UK. All this can be available to you at a fraction of a price compared to having a permanent office.

This service is only offered in the UK.
>> Stock Market Trading Account Opening:
For those who would like the joy and the exhilaration of trading on the stock market either on Forex or CFD, we have the arrangements with UAE's biggest trading brokerage agency and can help you open a trading account and an online trading portal. 

Century Financial Brokers are UAE's top brokerage providers and their state of the art web platform makes it possible to trade in Forex and CFD at the same time.

This service is only offered in the UAE.

Please Contact Us at either of our offices for details.

Thank you for choosing Newton College Group as your consultant...