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Student Services

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Newton College Group offers Education and Student Services across all the regions it works with. You can visit our Relevant Countries page to see which countries we provide services for.

>> Education Services:
We represent numerous British institutions and can help potential students gain entry to:
  1. English Language Courses
  2. Boarding Schools
  3. Primary Schools
  4. Six Form Schools and Schools Which Run International Baccalaureate (IB) 
  5. Vocational Courses
  6. University Pathways; for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study
  7. Specialized Courses
  8. Taylor Made Courses
  9. University Placements for Undergraduate Degrees
  10. University Placements for Postgraduate Degrees
Other services for students include student visa advice and guidance and the necessary arrangements.

>> Student Services:
In some regions we also have dedicated services for local international students. These services include:
  1. Visa Extension Services
  2. Change of University or College arrangements
  3. Advice and Guidance on Choosing one's Future course of Study and Career
  4. Documentation Advice; such as SOP writing etc.
  5. Student Accommodation Services
  6. Education Progression Advice and Guidance
  7. Future Planning Guidance
>> Student Accommodation:
Student Accommodation is mainly offered through professional and dedicated agents and/or are arranged at highly recognized and purpose built student housings. Such provider namely Unite Accommodations are among the largest student housing providers in Britain.

Please Contact Us at either of our offices for details.

Thank you for choosing Newton College Group as your consultant...