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Services Offered for Canada

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Newton College Group offers the following services in Canada:
  • Education Services
  • Visa Services
  • Immigration Services (Only for certain nationalities)
We represent numerous Canadian institutions and can help potential students gain entry to:
  1. English Language Courses All across Canada
  2. University Pathways; for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study
  3. University Placements for Undergraduate Degrees
  4. University Placements for Postgraduate Degrees
Other services for students include student visa advice and guidance and the necessary arrangements.

For individuals requiring other types of Canadian visas, apart from the settlement visa categories, we can help with the application processes and documentation advice. i.e. tourists and family visitors can take advantage of our services for Canada.

For Immigration purposes; we have joint venture arrangements with qualified immigration lawyers and can help you get the best possible service and result. Since these consultants and layers are being introduced by us, you can rest assured that they will provide the same quality service as we do.

Please Contact Us at either of our offices for details.

Thank you for choosing Newton College Group as your consultant...