Our Representatives

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We at Newton College Group value the individuals who work with us. Our believe is that "Our Organization is Just as Good As the People Within It". The Organisation's interest is always in line with its staff and agent's interest; this enables us all to work hard for the same goal.

We rely more of individual's referrals than the conventional advertising, and for this reason we have numerous independent and corporate representatives all across the world. These parties promote our services and earn a percentage of our income in return.

There are two main types of agency that we have:

  • Corporate: for businesses which have offices and operate in a similar or compatible fields. These parties may want to use our name as a franchise or just to have an agency from us and operate at their own terms. For this type of agency there are certain criteria and terms which must be met before Agency or Franchise can be granted.

  • Independent: this consists of individuals who have good interpersonal skills and can promote us and our services to people they know. The process is very straight forward and once the individual is approved, there would be no need for any further action to be taken.

If you are interested in becoming a representative of Newton College Group please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to discuss terms with you.

Some of our current agents and partners are listed below:

Ms. Mahshid HASHEMI
Independent Agent
Region: Mashad - Iran

Contact Details: 

Company: London Nest
Region: London - UK

Contact Details:

Mr. Sina ALAEI
Independent Agent
Region: UK & Esfahan - Iran

Contact Details:

Ms. Mehrnaz Oliaei
Independent Agent
Region: UK & Tehran - Iran

Contact Details: